Argentine Chimichurri Marinade

Chimichurri grilling is a style of cooking derived from original Argentinian Gaucho tradition of cooking fresh meat over a charcoal fire.  To add flavor and tenderize the meat,  Argentines often marinate meats in Chimichurri. Food without Chimichurri just wouldn’t be tolerated in Argentina especially grilled meat to which it adds an amazing flavor.


1/3 packet of garlic salt
6 chilli peppers
2 sachets bouquet garni
1 large onion
½ tub of dried peppers
1 pint (500ml) of vinegar
2 pints (1 litre) oil


Boil all the ingredients, excluding oil, together in the vinegar for five minutes. Wait until the mixture cools. When the mixture has cooled, add the oil.  Store in refrigerator overnight

When you’re ready to barbecue or grill, marinade meat in chimichurri overnight. Barbecue, grill or cook in the oven. Enjoy!

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