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Glazed Shoyu Chicken Wings Recipe

Ingredients 1 1/2 pounds Chicken wings 3 Green onions — cut in 2″ piece 3 tablespoons Dry sherry 1/4 cup Dark soy sauce 2 teaspoons Sugar Sesame seeds — if desired Instructions Remove tips from wings. Leave whole or cut at joint. Place onions in large wok or pan on medium heat. Stir in sherry […]

Glazed Chicken Wings

Ingredients  1 can Cranberry jelly 1/4 cup Water 3/4 cup Grey Poupon — honey style 1 teaspoon Orange peel — grated 16 Chicken wings, split Instructions  Heat cranberry sauce and water over low heat, stirring occasionally until blended. Stir in mustard and orange peel. Remove from heat; cool slightly. In med. bowl, mix chicken with mustard […]