The next time you think about grilling a burger or steak, be sure you think about a person called George Stephen because he is the person who was instrumental in starting the history of grilling in USA. In the period following the end of the second world war, servicemen who returned from their tour of duty and their families started to move to the suburbs. In these places, there was plenty of space in the outdoors and so it become commonplace for these people to experiment with cooking in the open air.

Many changes from the time Native Americans cooked food over fire pits

Grilling is all about low and slow as well as indirect cooking. When the word barbeque was first introduced it referred to the wooden rotisseries and smoking platforms that were used by Native Americans to cook their meat over fire pits.

However, in the middle of the seventeenth century the English came up with their own version in which they cooked over pits and this later was to become the way we barbequed food today. This form of cooking spread to the South of the USA where notable names like George Washington and Andrew Jackson extolled the virtues of barbequing.

The brazier grills

Before grilling became known, a not so deep sheet-metal pan called the brazier gill was used to grill food. These brazier grills were not protected against the elements and did not have any vents and so grilling was not so easy in those days. Then, in the beginning of the fifties, George Stephen stepped in and being a dedicated backyard cooking expert, he came up with the idea of cutting a metal buoy in two equal parts.

He also installed vents and added a grate at the bottom while also using one half of the buoy as a lid. This was when the first covered grill was born and it offered good control over the grilling process and produced nicely grilled food items. Thus, outdoor cooking not only became more popular but also considerably more efficient and useful.

Better technology

Since the advent of this grill, many changes have taken place and outdoor cooking technology has improved in leaps and bounds. Soon, grills that were powered by gas were introduced and they make it easy to cook meat quickly and at more stable temperatures.

Cook Delicious dishes

Thanks to modern grills, it is now possible and also very easy to make meat and fish as well as vegetables. The taste of the food being grilled on these machines is also very delicious. So, the next time you bite into a piece of grilled food, be sure to pause and give thanks to the genius of George Stephen.