What’s a propane grill?

Americans love to grill food and about seventy-five percent of households in the USA own a grill. When it comes to choosing a grill, you have a number of options though the most common types are the gas fired and charcoal grills. Sometimes, you may have to assemble your new grill before it is ready to work. Many of us do not know how grills work and for those who are interested in propane grills, here is primer about main types and key components.

Key components

Before you shop for a propane grill, you need to know its working inside out as only then will you enjoy complete safety and optimal grilling performance. Even a very basic grill can be quite complex in how it works. So, before you shop for a propane grill, be sure to understand its main elements. These include the grill hood, grill body and cooking surface. Then, there is the gas source and hoses as well as valve regulators. Finally, there is the burner and a starter.

In the body of the propane grill, there are all the main components in which the grilling takes place. The hood is only there to cover the cooking surface and to trap the air (heated) inside to ensure internal temperature is properly hot and nice for the grilling you are undertaking.

At the heart of your propane grill is the propane gas source which needs to be connected to the valve regulators running through the main hose. It is possible for you to control the regulators by turning the grill’s knobs to either increase the amount of propane or decrease its access to the burner.

A typical propane grill has a couple of burners and each burner contains small sized holes through which the gas exits. To ignite the propane grill safely, you need gas and oxygen as well as a spark. Gas comes from the propane tank or from a natural gas pipeline. The oxygen comes from the air and the spark is produced by an electric action.

Cook true southern cookhouse masterpieces

A good propane grill is designed to allow you to cook true southern cookhouse masterpieces such as fall-off the bone ribs and more. It also boasts of a large chamber that has plenty of space for you grill. In this chamber it is possible to grill for low as well as slow and high temperatures. An offset smoking chamber allows you to grill indirectly whereby your food is slowly infused with smoky flavors. The lid and the body are made from durable materials and the finish is neat.

When choosing such a grill make sure you buy one with two handles. Also, look for heavy-duty cast iron grids which should be reversible with one side pointed to allow for ideal grill marks and the other side being grooved to capture any juice for continual basting while cooking.

Finally, be sure to go with a propane gas grill that has charcoal trays that are easy to access in the large cooking chamber. The presence of 3 adjustable dampers will help you control the flow of air within the cooking chamber.

Weber Grill

The Weber Grill has a couple of high performance stainless-steel burners and an excellent Grease Management System that cuts the risk of flare-ups and which at the same time makes it easy for you to get rid of the grease. The different Weber grill models are easy to use and provide unparalleled satisfaction for those who want to grill in their backyards. These models have four key components including an excellent ignition and high-performance burners as well as flavorizer bars and the aforementioned Grease Management System.

Char Broil Grill

The Char Broil Grill stands out for many reasons not least of which the fact it is the most forgiving grill that you can buy. Another thing that makes this propane grill stand out is that it is an infrared ® 3-burner gas grill. Not only that, but this grill in some of its models even boasts of being Wi-Fi connected. This means that thanks to the Wi-Fi connectivity, you can sync your compatible smart devices to the grill getting state-of-the-art monitoring and controlling capabilities.


The SmartChef model in particular is a good example as it comes with a mobile app whose main benefit is that it allows you to monitor as well as control grill settings with a smart device. This particular model also boasts of TRU-infra red Cooking system which allows you to enjoy more even heat and fewer if any chances of flare-ups. Also, with this model, you can cook fifty percent juicier food.